Emerging Asia Review

What matters most in our information age is not its provision, but its understanding. To seek truth from facts - to search for a deeper understanding - is the goal of all researchers and the guiding philosophy of Emerging Asia Review.

The most limited commodity most investors have is not capital, its time. Squeezed from all sides by the pressing issues of the hour, many investors struggle to keep a broad, even, view of financial markets. Lengthy research articles written by academic economists and former policy-makers are usually too dense with equations to read quickly, or else fail to lead to a clear investment thesis. Short-term research notes are all-too-often influenced by the animal spirits of the hour and fail to take into account the larger picture. Emerging Asia Review aims to achieve balance - an easy to read article focussed on a particular topic, providing a detailed, through and balanced assessment of the salient issues, but always leading to practical hands-on investment themes and ideas.